End to End Business Solutions

Prismer specialises in providing the best business solutions for all its clients. The organisation’s aim of achieving business excellence relies on its domain expertise in:

Customer life cycle management

Supply chain management

Sales life cycle management

Legal services & Financial services

Employee life cycle management

Audit & Compliance


To be global leader in solving business problems for enterprises through on demand, outcome led services


Prismer will be the business bridge for enterprises to solve their business problems, by better efficiency and effectiveness management and enhance their business outcome through digital technology enabled business process transformation at the 'Right price ,Right time with the Right people with highest standards of integrity and trust

Prismer’s Core Values

Our core values form the foundation which directs all our organization’s stakeholders towards making the best business decisions.

These values reflect what we and our employees firmly believe in:

  • Our customer comes first and they are always right.
  • Our people are our organization’s greatest assets.
  • Our partners are our greatest strength.
  • We perform our duties with trust and integrity.
  • We prioritise teamwork and collaboration.
  • We set high performance standards as the benchmark for success.

Business Model

  • Developing and developed business enterprises.
  • Emerging start-ups after second round of funding
  • Enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Taking accountability of business outcome.
  • End-to-end technology-enabled solutions.
  • Function on Demand.
  • One-stop shop for integrated service.
  • We complement and supplement capabilities of an organization.
  • Digital CLM.
  • Franchise Model.